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Opportunity Knocked by Clyde Seely – "Challenges often open the door to life’s greatest opportunities"

From humble beginnings on a small farm in Idaho,

Clyde Seely faced overwhelming challenges and turned them into opportunities that continue to positively affect thousands today

Recent Reviews: 


“Don’t miss this Opportunity”

“Great book! I got it because we stayed at the Three Bear Lodge in 2019 and loved it and West Yellowstone too. When I finally got around to reading it, I was so glad I did. Mr. Seely has led a remarkable life and his story is compelling. His thoughtful comments make it feel like a personal and thought provoking conversation. He has lived an amazing adventure, yet he is so unassuming and thankful that I wonder if he realizes how impressive he and his family are. Thank you Mr. Seely.”

R. Hart


(“Boys need lots of heroes like Lincoln and Washington. But they also need to have some heroes close by. They need to know some man of towering strength and basic integrity personally. They need to meet him on the street, to hike and camp with him, to see him close to home, every day, down-to-earth situations; to feel close enough to him to ask questions and to talk things over man-to-man with him.” ) (Source Unknown) 

“Clyde’s book is a classic representation of his character.  His book demonstrates a pattern in his life that is influential to the reader.  When I opened his book and read about my hero and the experiences that shaped him, I could not put the book down and called in sick to work to read it cover to cover.”

– Beezer

“Just like ripples in a pond from a pebble”

5 out of 5 stars 

“This is a book that many memoirs could learn from. Not only is Clyde a gifted storyteller, he also has a gift for opening his experiences to others – where they can learn from their own lives what encounters have shaped them. The book is segmented in “Pebbles” instead of “Chapters.” This is due to how Clyde approaches his life. Rather than a chronological journey, he takes events, people, and locations and explores the impact they have had on him and how he has then expanded that reach to others, just like ripples in a pond from a pebble. A very enjoyable read.”


Watch the Video!

Early trips to Yellowstone as a boy foreshadowed things to come

Fires threatened West Yellowstone and the Park….

Honoring the past with a touch of class….

Read Opportunity Knocked

This book is for all those who face obstacles; to help them see that challenges often open the door to life’s greatest opportunities.

Clyde Seely